March 19, 20??

This is hard for me, as I am sure it is hard for you. The spring time, the ides of March, the ripe season for American imperialism to yield its deathly bombs and fruits.

There was Kosovo in 1999, Iraq in 2003, and here we are, in 2011, participating in the destruction of the most oil-rich African nation, with a black president at the helm none the less… just wanted to point out the irony here, the perverse nature of a faceless imperialism.

As noted on this blog two and a half weeks ago, here and later here, the Libyan assault arises out of oil politics, out of the peaking of global oil production, which intensifies and raises the stakes for the great oil game, and the myriad other reasons for war (profit, domestic politics, etc. … however, I should now add that Sarkozy is seeking reelection in 2012, and understands the unifying beauty of war images).

So, we shall see how this unfolds. It’s possible that Europe is catching peak oil fever, and is beginning to act now, whereas the U.S. started a decade ago?

Depending on the severity, and length, of the military action in Libya, we will be able to make several important extrapolations about the course of the 21st century. However, I’ll say now, as I have before, that it looks as though resource depletion, of any kind (oil, water, soil, phosphate mines, finite metals, etc.), is leading not to international cooperation, but international conflict.

And that is hard. War is an inherent evil. Civilians, aka normal people like you and me, are murdered by our bombs and planes.

Could you imagine enjoying a meal with your family as a U.S. bomb destroys everything, including your children, in sight? Well, that’s war, that’s what were dealing with.

Yet none of those images will ever make the screens. It is Operation Odyssey Dawn, not Operation Oil War, and the media acts accordingly. The New York Times below DISGUSTS ME.

Qaddafi Pledges ‘Long War’ as Allies Pursue Air Assault on Libya
by the New York Times Propaganda Machine

“We will fight you if you continue your attacks on us,” he Qaddafi said. “Those who are on the land will win the battle,” he declared, warning without explanation that “oil will not be left to the United States, France and Britain.”

Western leaders acknowledged, though, that there was no endgame beyond the immediate United Nations authorization to protect Libyan civilians, and it was uncertain that even military strikes would force Colonel Qaddafi from power.

The United States, France and Britain had insisted that at least some Arab governments be involved in the Libyan operation, at least symbolically, to remove the chance that Colonel Qaddafi would portray the military action as another Western colonial intervention in pursuit of oil. But there was no sign that any Arab military would explicitly take part.

As an avowed atheist, I cannot ask us to pray, but we can, at the least, give some thought to the people who are at the brunt of our belligerent foreign policy.

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  1. Eric E

    curious how little “noise” there is in the echo chamber (facebook status protests, etc.) everyone is just going with the flow. For two weeks we were lulled (by Gates) with “No fly zones are hard to implement” But then there is a sudden 180 and we’re back into “Team America” mode. With zero debate. I can’t believe how fast this is happening. How are we paying for this? Are we out of our fucking minds? How do we allow massive genocides to occur in Sub-Sahara Africa?

  2. concarlitosblog

    a couple of years ago, everyone was claiming how social networking sites were going to revolutionize the world and protest… i remember thinking that was such crap, and something like this really proves it. i wonder how many america even know where libya is.

    how are we going to pay? good question. it might be the only way we have left of making money – going to war – or it could be a last hurl from the insane, and, like other countries who’ve gone bankrupt in the past, a good attempt to expand like a red star before collapsing abruptly.

    and ya, ‘genocides’ are so damn political.

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